Exchange with the community

We are building a group of enthusiasts who want to make our digital world more accessible and user friendly. Asks questions and get direct feedback about current problems or projects you are working on in our slack channel.

Get together

Events and Meetups

Beside the digital community we want to meet you in person, therefore we are planing to host meetups, hackathons and many more events you can join and participate in.

Our Goal

Gather digital experts who are interested in Product Design, User Experience & Usability to share their knowledge.

Exchange Knowledge

Exchange and discuss with our community for personal growth.

Keep up with the times

Stay current by trying out new technologies together.

Technical Innovations

We keep an eye on technical innovations and their possibilities for UX.

Have Fun

And the most important point – enjoy the time growing together in a like minded community.

The start


Our journey will start in   linz upper austria
where also the first events will be placed.

But the ultimative goal is to gather people all over austria.

Upcoming Events

Events all about User Experience, Service Design and Usability

12 March 2019
171. UX Vienna Evening Meetup
14 March 2019
UX Linz Meetup by UXfocus
21 March 2019
UxVienna Book Club
29 - 31 March 2019
Munich Service Jam
4 July 2019
UX Linz Meetup